Our Mission

Susie is in 8th grade but reads on a third-grade level.  James can’t take his College entrance exam- because he can’t do basic math.  Adrienne is in Kindergarten- she thinks that active shooter drills are a normal part of the school experience.  Billy was bullied on the bus this morning- but the bus driver couldn’t help.  Yesterday, all the children in Ms. McCoy’s class had to avoid the bucket in the middle of the room-  collecting water dripping from the ceiling.  Sound familiar?  You live in an American public school district.   


Today’s public schools are facing unprecedented challenges. Funding inequities, curriculum battles, Covid-19 rules, mask mandates, crumbling infrastructure, outdated technology, safety concerns, overcrowding, and teacher shortages--just to name a few!.  It’s overwhelming and demanding.  Who the hell can fix this mess?  



Yes. You.  

Decisions about all these critically important education issues are made at the local level- in small town halls or white-walled rooms in city buildings that empty out after 5 pm.  Often, less than 10 people participate in meetings where decisions are made that will impact our children forever. Decisions made by people with no “skin in the game,” no kids in public schools, or worse- straight-up bureaucrats hanging on till their retirement date. And because all these issues are addressed at the school board level,  We need smart, civic-minded community leaders to consider running for school board.  And we need them to win!

As the saying goes … all politics is local.  And, today, nothing is more local—and more polarized and politicized for that matter—than our local school board.

For years, far-right conservatives have understood the power of local elected offices like school boards.  And because they want to have an influence on these boards, they have recruited, trained, and organized to elect members with a conservative, radical right agenda. 

The far-right conservative arm of the Republican party has--for years now--seen local school boards as both a training ground for grooming up-in-coming recruits as well as a place where they can exert a far-right conservative doctrine into our public education system.  The policies they support are divisive, revisionist, and oftentimes full of dangerous conspiracy theories.  Their efforts are tearing up communities--pitting neighbors against one another.   


So why are Democrats not doing a better job at recruiting and training talented community members to run and win at the local level and lead our communities?


We don’t know.  But instead of gripping about it, we’ve decided to do something about it.  

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Malcolm X