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Kate Coyne-McCoy

Kate Coyne-McCoy is the principal of KCM Consulting and has spent her career advocating for progressive social change. Trained and educated as a social worker, Kate has built coalitions and organizations focused on social and economic justice issues including health care, climate change, and civil rights. 

Kate has assisted in electoral races at every level of the ballot from school board to U.S. President. Started in 2012, KCM Consulting provides training, technical assistance, and ongoing support to candidates, not for profits and organizations across the country. Widely recognized as an accomplished fundraiser, media trainer, and campaign tactician, Coyne-McCoy’s efforts contributed significantly to several historic victories including the election of Rhode Island’s first female Governor, first Latina Secretary of State, and many  red to blue legislative seats in Florida.

For nearly a decade, Coyne-McCoy was the regional director of the Political Opportunity Program (POP) at the largest political action network in the United States, EMILY’s List. Kate created  and implemented the organization’s ground breaking program, building-up the bench of Democratic leaders across the US. Kate recruited, trained, and supported pro-choice Democratic women candidates at the federal, state and local level. Since designing and developing POP and its related materials,  Kate has trained over 9000 people  in 45 states. Additionally, Kate has directly assisted the campaigns and successful elections of hundreds of progressive candidates, including dozens currently serving in the US Congress and across the globe.

In addition to her work at EMILY's List, Kate has served as a Fellow and lecturer in the Women’s Public Policy Program at Harvard University since 2005.  Kate teaches and mentors graduate students from the  Harvard Square to the Oval Office program, in addition to developing training materials.

In the last several years Coyne-McCoy has helped found and manage Protect Matunuck, a neighborhood association devoted to preserving the integrity and unique way of life in the village of Matunuck, RI. Kate has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Providence College as well as a Masters in Social Work from Rhode Island College.  She still lives in RI with her husband and little dogs.

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